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A French tourist commented; "Australia - they never have any safety railings! Once the wheels start turning you gather momentum and consistency leads to habit. Although we were staying at the Eco Retreat, Alissa and I decided to start the walk at the Joffre Gorge car park given that this is probably the more common starting point for general visitors. This is where things get really exciting, as Alissa and I had to negotiate a series of boulders into a narrow slot with the water gently flowing beneath our feet.


    Back at the homestead we stopped for a spa at the artesian hot springs.

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    We tossed up going to Monkey Mia to feed the dolphins, but we were all super keen to try out our newly acquired snorkel gear from the Geraldton dive shop. It has become one of my favourite places in Australia.

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    Apart from aluminium cans, nothing gets recycled. As such, we followed the other walkers heading right towards the foot of the falls. We spent one full lazy day around Dales.

    • Joffre Gorge (Karijini National Park) ~ The Long Way's Better

    All I wanted to do was curl up and die instead of being driven the odd miles on mostly rutted tracks to another desert surf camp. How many hours a week does that add up to? It was lovely to see familiar faces, and catch up on travel stories. Harry Silver is about to turn Although we basically had the gorge to ourselves on the way in, we saw a few different approaches to this obstacle on the way back, with some walkers heading higher up the gorge wall.

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    This place has been quite a surprise for me. Compared to some of the more challenging ledges we would encounter in both Weano and Hancock Gorges the next day, this was quite easy to negotiate and served as a good introduction to this frequent aspect of walking in Karijini National Park. Handrail Pool was an incredible end destination for the Lower Weano Trail, and we spent some woman seeking nsa mylo north dakota taking photos and enjoying having the gorge to ourselves.

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    National Park Fees apply. Every morning from woman seeking nsa rozet wyoming a few dolphin will visit the beach with their offspring to get fish from the local rangers.

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    Within the first snorkelling trip we discovered Turtles, two small reef sharks and an abundance of colourful fish. Also just one kilometre south of the blowholes is a calm coral-filled lagoon with fish and shells in abundance with a white sandy beach, this area is ideal for snorkelling and a great family picnic spot much favoured by locals.

    It seems that Cleon the klutz uses all the kitsch bandaids that I thought the kids would need.

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    Besides, the ledge walking is definitely good practice for some of the more challenging parts of the walk further along the gorge. From there, it was a short but steep climb retracing our steps back to the car.

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    3. We stayed here three days but you could easily stay five.